Method Validation for modified test method
Course Description
Majority of modern instruments in the laboratory is computerized and provide incredible amounts of data. Methods that take advantage of the flood of data are now available by applying statistics which is the science of collecting, analyzing and inter¬preting data, facts can be established and a solid knowledge about the system and its processes can be obtained. This course designed to improve performance of lab staff for chemical testing with classical and instrumental methods of analysis.
The Training Course Will Highlight ?
Training Objective

This course provides guidance for the development and implementation of a credible quality program, plus it also provides chemists and chemical researchers, and all lab staff the ideal means to ensure accurate and reliable work.

Target Audience

Everyone who produces, uses, or evaluates chemical testing, chemical laboratory personnel's chemists, and technicians.

Training Methods

Daily Agenda

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Chemical Laboratory , Terminology and roles
  • Prepare to work on laboratory
  • Responsibilities in Good Laboratory Practice
  • Chemicals, Glassware, Equipment, Apparatus, and Reagents
  • Safety precaution and HSE requirements
  • Sampling and sample preparation
    • Type of sampling (Grab, Composed, Integrated)
    • Gas, Liquid, and Solid samples
    • Preservation and store of samples
    • Choice best way for preparation of samples

Day 2

  • Chemical Measurement
    • Types of methods used for analysis
    • Selection of methods of analysis
    • Classical method of analysis
    • Instrumental method of analysis
  • Method development and validation
  • Why is method validation necessary?
  • How should methods be validated
  • Method Validation process
  • Method Calibration, and Standardization
    • Certificate Reference Material (CRM), choice and preparation
    • Correction of errors and improving Blank

Day 3

  • Instruments Calibration and Traceability
  • Calibration Procedures, Certificate, and Documentation
    • Standard calibration curve
    • Standard addition calibration curve
    • Internal standard calibration curve
  • Linearity and Residual analysis in regression
  • Measurement Uncertainly in testing and calibration
    • Methods for uncertainty characterization
    • Standard Deviation and Standard Error
    • Measurement Uncertainty in chemical measurements

Day 4

  • Characteristic and steps of Method validation
    • Selectivity
    • Specificity
    • Tolerance
    • Linearity, Correlation Coefficient
    • Accuracy & Precision
    • Reliability (Repeatability, Reproducibility)
    • Sensitivity, Detection Limit (LOD)
    • Dynamic Range (LOQ, LOL, and LUR)
    • Robustness
  • The Evaluation of Results and Methods
  • Errors in Analysis (Systematic, Random, and Gross)
  • Correction of errors and improving accuracy

Day 5

  • Study Performance and Reporting
  • Significant Figure & Rounding
  • Reporting Analytical results and Archives
  • Laboratory Certification
  • Quality Audit (Internal and External)
  • Practical exercises for Method Validation by Excel
    • Control Sample & Control Chart
    • Exercises for Uncertainty
    • Manual Calculation for Uncertainty
    • Used Excel Function for Uncertiainty
  • Inter-Laboratory Performance test
    • F-test
    • T-test
    • Q-test
    • Z-score

CDGA attendance certificate will be issued to all attendees completing minimum of 80% of the total course duration.

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