Construction Risk Management
Course Description
This course addresses the critical survival and profitability factors for companies managing projects in the construction industry in an economic environment characterized by uncertainty and change. Subjects covered include: identification of skills essential to managing business risk, governance, risk management principles, construction insurance and bonding, risk factors influencing construction estimating, supervision/control of subcontractors/suppliers, schedules, legal and financial policies, and architectural/engineering design of construction projects. The course orientation is based on problem solving approach. The candidates will use interdisciplinary skills to explore potential risks encountered in construction projects from concept to completion, including land acquisition, change orders, delay claims, consequential damages, errors and omissions, construction safety issues, Construction Lien Act, project closeout and handover. Construction health & safety planning as a practical example is studied in detail. The candidates will be required to participate in class exercises, individual and group work.
The Training Course Will Highlight ?

The course will cover proactive strategies planning adequate risk responses. This course covers construction project risk management. Construction project risk includes risk management concepts; risk planning, identification, qualitative and quantitative risk management techniques, risk response, risk monitoring and control.

Training Objective

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

    • Plan construction risk management, identification & assessment of risks for inclusion in the Risk Register to assist risk management
    • Plan construction project risk responses & monitoring and control significant risks identified and those that may emerge, and implement risk reduction strategies
    • Analyze & formulate responses to construction project health & safety risks to minimize injury and death to workers
    • Prepare work certification & claims documents and resolve disputes for a more efficient implementation process
    • Simulate the investigation, preparation and completion of work assignments under resources constraints and with a professional attitude

Target Audience

Construction Engineers, Senior Construction Engineers, Construction Supervisors, Construction General Supervisors, Construction Project Managers, Engineering Technologists, Supervision Engineer, Inspection Engineers, Civil Inspectors, Foremen, Design Structural Engineers, Planners, Structural Engineers, Material Specialists, Quality Control and Quality Assurance Experts, Architects, Supervision Engineers, Team Leaders, Site Officers and Managers, Mechanical Engineers, Technical Professionals, Field Production Supervisor, Operation Engineers, Clients Representatives.

Training Methods

Daily Agenda

Introduction and Basic Concepts

    • Learning Concepts, Approaches & Rules of Order
    • Introduction to Project Risk Management

Plan Construction Risk Management

    • Outline of Risk Management Planning
    • Main Inputs, Tools & Techniques
    • Outputs

Identify Construction Project Risks

    • Main Inputs
    • Tools & Techniques
    • Outputs

Perform Construction Project Qualitative Risk Analysis

    • Main Inputs
    • Tools & Techniques
    • Outputs

Construction Project Quantitative Risk Analysis

    • Main Inputs
    • Tools & Techniques
    • Outputs

Plan Construction Project Risk Responses

    • Main Inputs
    • Tools & Techniques
    • Outputs

Monitoring & Control Construction Project Risks

    • Main Inputs
    • Tools & Techniques
    • Outputs

Additional Construction Project Risks & Responses

    • Group Project
    • Risks Allocation & Sharing
    • Additional Construction Risks & Responses

Construction Health & Safety Management: Safety Planning

    • Main Inputs, Tools & Techniques
    • Outputs: Safety Management Plan
    • Safety Emergency Response Plan

Perform Safety Assurance

    • Main Inputs
    • Tools & Techniques
    • Outputs: Safety M&C Plan

Construction Health & Safety Management: Perform Safety Control

    • Main Inputs, Tools & Techniques
    • Outputs: Safety Control Measurements
    • Non-conformance reports

Construction Project Claims Management: Claim Identification & Claim Quantification

    • Main Inputs
    • Tools & Techniques
    • Outputs: Statement of Claim

Construction Project Claims Management: Claim Prevention & Claim Resolution

    • Main Inputs
    • Tools & Techniques
    • Outputs: Changes
    • Claim resolved

CDGA attendance certificate will be issued to all attendees completing minimum of 80% of the total course duration.

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